Happy Wheels Full Version is an online video game that was made by Jim Bonacci in 2010. This game is an extremely popular choice for “Let’s Play” channels on YouTube, partially due to user content production, but mostly due to the hilarity that is sure to take place while playing this video game.
The Characters
You can opt to play as one of the eleven various characters in Happy Wheels. In most cases, your goal will certainly be to reach completion of the level. Some of the characters are a man on a pogo stick, a man in a helicopter, a papa and boy riding a bike, and a man driving a lawn mower. Some levels limit you in regards to which characters you can play as.
The Levels
Jim Bonacci & his Happy WheelsCurrently, there are more than six million user created levels to select from. Every day, over 1000 new levels made by users are added. Of course, extremely few of these levels are actually going to be any excellent. In fact, many of these levels don’t even be worthy of to be called a level.

Due to sheer number of levels, you won’t have trouble discovering amazing levels that individuals have actually obviously put in a lot of time and effort into. If a level is especially good, it might be added to the featured levels section on the primary screen.
The Story
In general, Happy Wheels has no base story, however you will come across some user-generated levels with stories. Obviously, do not anticipate numerous of these stories to be any good, however, you could be nicely surprised from time to time.
The Graphics
Happy Wheels is popular for it blood and gore. Understand, however, that if you do so, the game won’t seem as outrageous as it did in the past. In case you want to try what it is like check happy wheels demo.
The Audio
You will also hear audio that is typically relevant to the injury when characters are injured. If it isn’t appropriate to the area of injury, then it is arbitrarily selected. In regards to audio, this online game is most famous for the audio when a character explodes. In general, the audio for this game is very well done.
As you can see, Happy Wheels is a popular online video game, and for great factor. This video game is extremely enjoyable and unique, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything like it. Most importantly, the re-playability value of this video game is phenomenal due to the sheer variety of user-generated content.
Happy Wheels full is an online video game that was made by Jim Bonacci in 2010. This game is a really popular option for “Let’s Play” channels on YouTube, partly due to user material production, but mainly due to the hilarity that is sure to ensue while playing this game.
In terms of audio, this online video game is most well-known for the audio when a character blows up. As you can see, Happy Wheels is a popular online video game, and for really good factor. Best of all, the re-playability value of this game is phenomenal due to the sheer number of user-generated material.

An addictive western format game that has taken players with a storm is the Gun blood Flash Game, which gives the player power to shoot out at challengers with the expertise of aim. This game is a challenge to test aim, accuracy and quick movement with the mouse. It is also a judge of the player’s fast reflexes. Apart from judging it enables to increase brain concentration and improves responses.This Game has now reached a level of frenzy and has gained so much popularity that the makers of the game keep on raising the level of difficulty to make the game not only exciting but competitive. Its action packed, thrilling and blood guzzling!



Gunblood Flash Game is very easy to access from any web browser which is Flash enabled. Once you reach the site, all you have to do is wait for the game to load. After clicking the start button you will be able to choose from a variety of characters, sounds and in-game quality. Players get very excited since the variety offered in terms of characters, sounds and images is very large. A variety of guns and revolvers, laser guns and what have you are there to choose from and you can become the character you like.


Once our game starts all you need to do is position the mouse on the barrel of the pistol and pause for about three seconds, then take an aim with the mouse pointing to the opponents and left click very quickly fire.

The opponent is faster than you think, and even before you are able to hit him, he may get you .So, one has to have the hand movement on the mouse and your eyes in sharp union to get the opponent dead. This is a two sided test of swiftness, dexterity and alertness. The opponent has all it takes, but you need to prove that you are smarter. The score depends on accuracy, speed along with your life span. As you keep winning you will get bonus rounds.


Well, don’t forget that one can master the art of winning by using strategies that will assure your game reaches the next level.

1) Always aim at the head of the opponent and he will fall in the pool of blood within a fraction of a second.

2) Get smarter than your smartest opponent. Move like lightening!

3) Improve your game by playing often.

4) Try to get to the bonus points for a superior test of your abilities.

5) Never give up!

Begin to play now!

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