News and details from Bloons Tower Defense 6

News and details from Bloons Tower Defense 6

What official web-site says about releasing Bloons Tower Defense 6 and when we will see it, facts and details

I remember when I first came across with Bloons Tower Defense game it was so interesting and addicting as well that I could not stop playing it like for hours over and over again and it was fourth version of the game. BTD4 was much better than any previous versions, with all the awesome graphic improvements, new towers and amazing upgrades it was just number one tower defense game. So Ninja Kiwi created outstanding tower defense game which soon enough became extremely popular, this is why they have also lately developed fifth version of the game BTD5, you can play in for free @ official site.

I honestly think that fifth version of the game is pretty good and with all those new options, features and towers game is now much more complicated and gives you a lot of opportunities to play with, but I still have some feeling that they have missed something important. Maybe it is simplicity?

Anyway, BTD5 was successful work and gamers sure appreciated it, but question still remains is: there any chance to see new version of the game? Bloons Tower Defense 6? I believe that it is just a matter of time, why would they want to suddenly stop releasing new versions when game is so popular? It doesn’t make any sense, right?

This is why I have decided to make some internet research on this subject to see if there are any news from Ninja Kiwi game developers. But, there were no official announcement at this point so far. I have stumbled upon couple of forum threads, but it was nothing interesting. Some people share my opinion that game is just too popular to stop releasing new versions and it is more likely that they will create Bloons Tower Defense 6 sooner or later; others think that there is no need for BTD6 because current version is already good enough: it has many new tracks, new towers and upgrades, new different missions and it also gets updates very often.

Hard to say which point of view is more realistic when official web-site hasn’t said anything about it so far. But, my dear readers let’s hope for better that one day we will be able to play sixth version of the game and hope it will be totally different and extremely entertaining as well, meanwhile you can play latest version of the game below.

If you have some ideas or news to share with us related to BTD6 please feel free to use our comment’s section so other people can see it as well, good luck and have a nice day.


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